Atherton Tablelands Eco Friendly Accommodation

Lodges are provided with fresh filtered rain water for drinking and showering.  Wash your hair and feel the difference—so soft.

All water is used twice

The retreat recycles all waste through a recycling plant.  This water is then reused for watering the native plants.

Bird-attracting Flora

All the trees planted on the retreat are natives - which provide seeds and nectar to attract the birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

The owners wanted to create an environment of pampered luxury surrounded by wilderness and abundant wildlife ... how well they have succeeded right down to their luxury spa lodges overlooking the mountains behind Cairns. It is bliss!!

Adrian Tame
Sunday Herald Sun

Star gazing (telescope available on request)

Gaze into the skies and wonder at the marvels and mysteries of the heavens , study the milky way, the other constellations and orbiting satellites, all from the convenience of your deck, as on most nights the sky is crystal clear, free from pollution and the city lights.


Bird Life sighted at the retreat

Blue winged kookaburra, Red winged Black Cockatoo, Majestic wedge-tailed eagle, Honeyeaters of various varieties, Brolga, Rainbow lorikeet, Pale headed lorikeet, Scarlet honeyeater, Kingfisher, Finch, Bower bird, Curlew, Owl, Pheasant, Rainbow bee eater, Pidgeon, Cuckoo shrike, Currawong, Top Knot pigeon, Dollar bird, Spangled drongo … just to name a few.

Owl watch

The Tolga area is renowned for being the home of several owl species and they can often be sighted at night especially near the entry, or sitting on the fence along the driveway.

Wildlife at your doorstep

Friendly possums also share our retreat and will often visit the lodges in the evening and may appear on your deck.

Mammals that can be seen at the retreat include the Rufous Bettong, Quoll, Bats, Flying fox, Whiptail wallaby, Agile wallaby, Rock wallaby and Eastern Grey kangaroo.

Feeding of any wild life at our retreat is discouraged as it upsets the natural environmental balance.